BMW E36 M3

E36 BMW M3 race track 1 750x500

VIDEO: Stock BMW E36 M3 on The Smoking Tire

It’s quite hard to find completely stock, unmolested examples of the BMW E36 M3. Being that they’ve always been quite cheap (even though prices are inflating as of late), young enthusiasts and tuners alike have been…

E36 BMW M3 race track 1 750x500

VIDEO: Owning an E36 M3 can become very expensive

We’ve seen quite a few videos from Car Throttle on what owning an E36 M3 can be like. So far, we’ve learned that E36 M3 ownership is filled with many ups and downs. We’ve seen…

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VIDEO: 1,200 Mile Roadtrip in an E36 M3

When we think of grand touring, driving long distances through America or Europe, crossing state and country lines, we typically think of bigger, luxurious coupes. The BMW 6 Series or Mercedes-Benz SL-Class are the sort…

Video: Carousel BMW Drift Compilation Will Make You Smile

E36 BMW M3 race track 1 750x500

Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in a BMW E36 M3

BMWs are not cheap cars, we all know this. BMWs are premium performance and luxury vehicles and that premium comes at a cost. This means that there is a rather massive group of BMW enthusiasts…