Despite the seemingly endless amount of beloved celebrity deaths (RIP Princess Leia) , 2016 was actually a pretty good year…at least for cars. We’ve had some crazy fun experiences and driven some really great cars in 2016, so it hasn’t been a complete disaster. It seems as if Car Throttle feels the same way, as they’ve had some really incredible adventures as well. In this new video, CT goes through their top ten most epic car moments of 2016. Two of which just so happen to have BMWs involved.

The first BMW moment to be featured was when Alex took his E36 BMW M3 to Munich Legends to have it checked out. While this might not have been the most positive experience, as they gave him the grim news that his M3 would require a heft amount of repairs, it was certainly an interesting one. It was a costly one, being that he spent over £3,500 ($4,322) to have all of the rust and various other issues repaired, it was an adventure that got a lot of attention for CT.


The other epic moment featuring BMWs actually features something BMW doesn’t quite have yet — a BMW X2. Well, it’s not a real “X2” but instead a frankenstein BMW 2002 combined with an E30 BMW 325ix. This Frankenstein BMW, dubbed “BMW X2”, was created by Sin City BMW in Las Vegas and is one of the more fascinating modded BMWs of all time. It looks like something out of Mad Max and drives like it, too.

Alex and the folks from Sin City BMW took the X2 into the desert of Nevada, along with a junked E32 BMW 7 Series. That junked 7 Series became a target for the roof-mounted machine gun of the BMW X2. And, in Mad Max fashion, they shot the 7 Series until it exploded and it was pretty freaking cool. Juvenile? Of course but you kid yourself if you don’t secretly want to do that as well.

These two BMW moments are just a couple of the many that Car Throttle had during the year. Check the video out to see them, as well as the others, and try and find some good in 2016.