BMW 1 Series Edition Metropolitan 01 830x553

BMW introduces the 1 Series Edition Metropolitan

In 2019, BMW will retire its rear-wheel drive platform for the 1 Series hatchback and replace it with the new FAAR (Frontantriebsarchitektur) front-wheel drive architecture. Along with the change in architecture, the new 1 Series will also…

SPIED: BMW 1 Series Hatchback caught playing in snow

mercedes a45 amg 01 750x500

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback rumored to come to U.S.

Way to time things horribly, Mercedes. Seriously, what gives? According to a report about Mercedes sources at a dealer meeting in Miami, the A-Class hatch has been rumored to be coming ‘Stateside and it couldn’t have…

BMW 1 Series Facelift 20 750x500

WORLD PREMIERE: BMW 1 Series Facelift and new Editions

It seems as though BMW understands that its fans are upset about the passing of the rear-wheel drive BMW 1 Series Hatchback. It’s impressive dynamics, chunky hatchback style and surprising practicality, along with relative affordability,…

bmw 1 series 5 door hatch 4 750x500

Second-hand Hatchback Battle: BMW 1 Series vs VW Golf

Europeans love hatchbacks. As they should, to be honest. Hatchbacks offer practical space to fun-to-drive cars, making them the wise choice for anyone who wants something fun. But Europeans also love diesels, thanks to their…