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VIDEO: BMW 1 Series Hatch is a White Rhinoceros

The current, post-LCI, BMW 1 Series Hatch is one of the enthusiast favorites among the current Bavarian lineup. There’s a good reason for that and it’s that the 1er hatch is the only hot-hatch on…

Top Five best BMWs under $35,000

The BMW brand isn’t one just for the Uber wealthy. The Bavarian brand has a loyal following that consists of all kinds of folks. Some young, some old and of all kinds of wage classes….

Stunning Computer Generated Film: BMW 1 Series

A young fella by the name Alexey Ogorodnikov brings to our attention his full computer generated film where the leading role is played by an Alpine White BMW 1 Series Hatchback. Using his skills in…

An (early) farewell to the 1 Series Hatch