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BMW’s Job Is Getting Harder

BMW — A company built on the premise of creating the most engaging driving experience possible through innovation and technology. That may sound like the marketing pitch for every auto maker in the business, but…

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BMW Convertible For Spring

There are many convertibles that offer incredible driving experiences. BMW has three, in fact, which are worthy of your hard-earned enthusiast dollars

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Did BMW do enough with the 3 Series LCI?

BMW is fresh off of its release of the new 3 Series LCI, which made some minor updates to the F30 3er, such as headlights, taillights, some interior bits and some chassis tweaks. This update…

2015 BMW 3 Series Facelift – What Are The Exterior and Interior Changes

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BMW Designs That Have Held Up

In the automotive world, good designers are put on such a high pedestal, you’d think that they had sculpted Michelangelo’s David. There’s a reason for the heavy praise, however. Automotive design is a very tricky…

The luxury SUV killed the luxury Car

Recently, we spoke about the kind of customer who would buy a BMW X5 M. Basically, the answer was whoever had the money and wanted one. That seems like a simple answer, but it’s true….

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5 Reasons The M235i Is A True Enthusiast’s Car

When the topic of enthusiast’s cars comes up, most people think of the same few cars. One of these cars is always the E30 BMW M3. It’s iconic for its impeccable driving dynamics and purity….

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BMW X5 M – Who is it for?

Many car enthusiasts bemoan luxury SUVs, and think that they’ve ruined the luxury car segment. Regardless of whether or not this is true is irrelevant, because the luxury SUV is here to stay, like it…