The 2025 BMW M4 CS has officially launched, joining the ranks of the M3 CS and M4 CSL. Availability is expected to be limited, with production capped at less than 2,000 units globally, mirroring the M3 CS’s numbers. The majority of these vehicles will be distributed in the U.S., with estimates ranging from 300 to 400 units, but that has not been yet confirmed by BMW of North America. In Canada, local dealerships have disclosed that only 75 units of the 2025 BMW M4 CS will be available for sale, compared to the 40 units of the M4 CSL and 250 in the U.S. Pricing in Canada starts at 150,000 Canadian dollars, and reservations are now open with a $2,000 CAD fully refundable deposit required.

Some Exciting Colors

Like last year’s M3 CS, its coupe counterpart offers several BMW Individual colors. The M4 CS is available in Riviera Blue and Frozen Isle of Man Green Metallic, with additional no-cost options like Sapphire Black and M Brooklyn Grey. The wheels are available in the 827 M style, sized 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear, in either matte black or gold bronze. The interior features a fixed configuration, equipped with carbon front bucket seats and a standard rear bench.

The steering wheel is Alcantara-wrapped, features a new flat-bottom design, and includes a red 12 o’clock mark. The electrically heated seats are covered in Merino leather in a black/red theme. Each 2025 M4 CS will be delivered with an anthracite-colored headliner and M-colored seat belts. The interior is nearly identical to the M3 CS, with one caveat: the air vents were redesigned for a cleaner and more premium look.

Faster Than M3 CS On The Nurburgring

The new M3 CS is a very competent car. BMW has already used the track in their backyard – the Nürburgring Nordschleife – to showcase its prowess. A BMW M4 CS prototype car, equipped with 275/35R19 285/30R20 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2R, covered the Green Hell’s 20.832 kilometers (12.9 miles) in 7 minutes and 21.99 seconds. The BMW M4 CSL completed the circuit in 7 minutes and 18.13 seconds, which is 3.86 seconds faster than its counterpart. However, the BMW M3 CS posted a time of 7:28.760 minutes on the same track.

Equipped with xDrive as standard, the M4 CS delivers exceptional acceleration. It reaches 60 mph in an estimated 3.2 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds faster than the rear-wheel-drive M4 CSL and 0.2 seconds quicker than the all-wheel-drive M4 Competition Coupe. It also makes 550 PS (543 HP) and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm). It’s also about 77 lbs lighter than a regular BMW M4 Competition xDrive.