The BMW Museum gets a new look for 2024. Well, the entrance area that is. The German luxury brand doesn’t say how much money it invested in giving the lobby area a fresh design. While museums celebrate the past, the goal here is to create a futuristic look. It’s not just a cosmetic revision since the ticket-buying process has been improved as well.

A swanky new seating area is located opposite the counter. In the north entrance, the BMW Museum now hosts a kinetic floor you can interact with, generating electricity with movements. Doing so will trigger a light show for a more immersive experience. The company says it has made extensive use of recyclable materials while improving the work environment for the museum’s staff.

The BMW Museum now hosts four extra ticket machines and an improved online shop. You can now do more than just buy simple entry tickets since you can also purchase guided tours. In addition, visitors can also book children’s birthday parties and access holiday offers. Payment can now be done with credit/debit cards as well as through Apple Pay and PayPal.

BMW also touts a “modern and future-focused ambiance” with “a vibrant, lavish wall of plants.” The indoor climate should be better than before after adding the new plants. Of course, you’re going to the BMW Museum for the cars, not to check out the lobby. However, the revamped entrance area can make a good impression even before you admire some of the most iconic cars to carry the famous roundel.

The BMW Museum has been operational since 1973 and went through major renovations between 2004 to 2008 when it was reopened. Located directly opposite the BMW Welt in Munich, the museum typically holds temporary exhibitions on a variety of topics. Of course, that’s on top of permanent displays of production cars, concepts, and prototypes.

Source: BMW