Today we’re going to give you a first look at the BMW M2 G87 with a Vorsteiner carbon fiber body kit. We had a chance to recently film the car in Amelia and in this video, Sean from Precision Sport Industries joins our own Nate Risch to talk about the individual aero parts on the car. With the new body kit, Vorsteiner steps in to fill a void until the BMW M2 CS arrives. The introduction of the VRS body kit elevates the aesthetic appeal and performance of the current G87 M2.

M2 CS-Like Features

Following its debut earlier this month, the custom M2 equipped with the VRS package brings a level of visual drama to the forefront, catering to those who find the stock model too subdued. The inclusion of a ducktail spoiler, a nod to the retro-inspired design cue BMW plans to introduce in next year’s M2 CS, is a standout feature, especially considering Vorsteiner has crafted it from carbon fiber, integrated into a trunk lid with a $3,495 price tag.

Vorsteiner’s commitment to carbon fiber doesn’t stop at the trunk lid; the lightweight material is extensively used throughout the vehicle. The hood and front spoiler lip, both carbon fiber, enhance the car’s aggressive front profile, while carbon side skirts and a rear diffuser further amplify its race-car aesthetic. The diffuser, designed to surround the quad exhaust tips, adds to the vehicle’s aggressive rear view.

Plenty of Carbon Fiber

The transformation continues along the sides of the custom M2, which now sports a more muscular profile thanks to new front fenders with integrated aero slats and carbon side skirts. The lightweight hood, also receiving the carbon fiber treatment, features cutouts for improved heat dissipation. This aero package is completed with a prominent front spoiler lip, ensuring that every angle of the car contributes to its enhanced aerodynamics and striking looks. In addition to these modifications, Vorsteiner has replaced the original alloys with a set of forged VFX-002 wheels, complementing the overall design. The BMW roundels have been updated to the anniversary edition, celebrating the M division’s 50th birthday, introduced by BMW in 2022.

Adopting such an extreme makeover from Vorsteiner comes with a significant investment. The comprehensive VRS package includes the $3,495 trunk lid, a $2,495 diffuser, and the front fenders and side skirts as the most premium items, priced at $5,495. The carbon fiber hood and spoiler come in at $4,495 and $1,695, respectively, with the wheels rounding out the package at $2,480 per set.

For those unwilling to wait for the official M2 CS release and looking for an immediate upgrade, Vorsteiner’s VRS package offers an enticing alternative, transforming the BMW M2 into a carbon fiber masterpiece that stands out on the road and the track alike. So let’s take a closer look at this project car and please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!