We’ve lost count of how many M3 special editions BMW has launched over the years, some more special than the others. The GT version sold during the E36 generation definitely falls into the former category, a rare breed since only 356 cars were ever made. Of those, just 50 came with a right-hand-drive layout. Now is your chance to purchase a meticulously restored example painted in British Racing Green – the sole color available for the model.

It’s worth noting the UK-spec model was not as potent as the M3 GT sold in other European markets since it had to make do with 286 hp, down by nine horsepower. However, the difference is marginal, and it’s a known fact that BMW deliberately underrates its engines. The special E36 sold in the UK did get the other goodies, which varied from aluminum doors and an adjustable splitter to chassis upgrades and a bigger rear wing.

The M3 GT was a homologation special and shaved off around 30 kilograms compared to the regular M3 E36. It also benefitted from a stiffer suspension setup and got 17-inch aluminum forged wheels with an M double-spoke design. BMW gave it white (instead of yellow) turn signals, aero-optimized side mirrors, and different spoilers front and rear.

The rare car listed by Piston Heads has been fully restored over the last eight years during which more than £40,000 were invested. At current exchange rates, that works out to about $50,000. The RHD-spec M3 GT is being sold by Fast Classics in Rudgwick, UK and they claim it was first registered on December 1, 1995. Since restoration, it has been driven for fewer than 100 miles (161 kilometers).

Predictably, it doesn’t come cheap. The M3 GT is listed with an asking price of £79,995 ($100,000), which is a lot of money for what remains one of the lesser-appreciated M3 generations. It does have a full-service history, plus images detailing the extensive restoration process.

Source: Piston Heads