3D Design, the Japanese tuner renowned for its minimalist yet striking approach to car design, unveils their latest tuning program for the G87 BMW M2. The project began as a vision to enhance the already aggressive lines of the new BMW M2, not by reinventing its essence but by accentuating its sharp and bold design. According to the Japanese tuner, the design team at 3D Design understood that BMW owners cherish the brand’s aesthetic and performance DNA. Therefore, they set out to create an aero program that would respect and amplify the original design, rather than overshadow it.

At the heart of this aero program are four key components: a front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a trunk spoiler. Each piece, crafted from the finest 2X2 Carbon, was a testament to the tuner’s commitment to quality and aesthetics. The choice of material was deliberate—2X2 Carbon is revered for its strength and lightweight properties, ensuring that the car’s performance is enhanced without compromise.

The design ethos was clear from the outset: simplicity and elegance above all. The front lip spoiler, with its clean lines and subtle profile, complements the M2’s aggressive front end without overwhelming it. The side skirts are elongating the car’s silhouette and enhancing its ground-hugging stance. At the rear, the diffuser and trunk spoiler work improve aerodynamics while maintaining the M2’s sporty allure. But 3D Design’s aero program didn’t stop with the exterior. The G87 M2 was also equipped with spoked wheels that speak to the car’s racing heritage, paired with a prototype coilover kit that lowers the ride height by approximately 20mm.

3D Design is also teasing the car community with news of an upcoming addition: a racing wing. This piece, still under development, promises to give the G87 M2 an even bolder stance on the road, and why not, on the track as well. [Photos: 3D Design]