In the highly competitive arena of Super Bowl advertising, where brands pull out all stops to capture the audience’s attention, BMW’s “Talkin Like Walken” emerged as the champion of the 2024 Super Bowl commercials. Featuring the iconic Christopher Walken subjected to a series of impressions of himself, the ad not only clinched the title for the most-liked auto advertisement but also stood out as the overall favorite among the Big Game commercials, as per iSpot’s Creative Assessment.

The Super Bowl Spot Paid Off For BMW

The data pointed to the characters as the highlight of the commercial with a significant 54% reporting a boost in purchase intent after watching the commercial. The ad spot currently has nearly 3 million views on the BMW USA Youtube channel. Walken stars alongside Usher and actress Ashley Park. Of course, the BMW ad was promoting a new electric vehicle – the BMW i5 sedan.

While humor often dominates Super Bowl ad strategies, Volkswagen took a different path with “An American Love Story,” invoking a sense of nostalgia by weaving archival footage of the VW Beetle through decades of American culture. This sentimental journey ranked as the second most-liked ad, striking a chord with viewers and generating a 47% increase in purchase intent.

Third came the Toyota Tacoma with its “Dareful Handle” spot. This ad, ranking fifth in likeability and translated into a 49% rise in positive purchase intent, accompanied by a strong brand recognition score of 88%. Lastly, Kia went for a more heartfelt approach in “Perfect 10,” portrayed a touching moment between a grandfather and his granddaughter. This ad, while not soaring as high as others in terms of immediate likeability, still managed to make a significant impact, with 24% of viewers appreciating the visual narrative. Additionally, Kia achieved an 84% brand recognition score. See all the Super Bowl car spots here.

In the end, each brand managed to carve out its unique space in the hearts and minds of viewers, proving that whether through laughter, nostalgia, thrill, or heartwarming moments, the power of a well-crafted advertisement can significantly sway public perception and purchase intent.

[Source: Ward’s Auto]