BMW is set to make a grand return to the Super Bowl spotlight on February 11, 2024, with a 60-second advertisement showcasing the first ever BMW i5 M60 electric sedan. This advertisement, titled “Talkin’ Like Walken,” features a constellation of stars including Hollywood legend Christopher Walken, renowned actress Ashley Park, and the Grammy Award-winning artist and Super Bowl LVIII halftime show performer, USHER.

Christopher Walken and USHER: Hollywood Meets Super Bowl Halftime

The commercial draws inspiration from Christopher Walken’s distinctive voice and unique speech pattern, weaving a narrative that follows him through a day filled with encounters of individuals mimicking his style. From a hotel valet to a tailor, makeup artist, and even a drive-through barista, Walken navigates through a sea of imitators, moving from initial confusion to mounting frustration. The climax of the advertisement is marked by an unexpected meeting with USHER, leading to a memorable exchange between the two icons.

BMW’s Electrifying Return to the Super Bowl: Introducing the i5

Of course. the goal is to promote the new BMW 5 Series (G60) and more specifically the electric lineup. Last year, it was Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger who teamed up to promote the BMW iX electric SUV. The BMW i5 M60 is the the top model of the new 5 Series family, sitting below the upcoming G90 M5 with 590 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds. The electric driving range is 256 miles with 19 inch wheels.

The creative minds behind this engaging campaign are from Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), led by the vision of director Bryan Buckley, known for his extensive portfolio of nearly 70 Super Bowl commercials, and cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema, celebrated for his work on notable films like “Oppenheimer” and “Interstellar.” Marcus Casey, BMW of North America’s Chief Marketing Officer, outlined the recipe for a successful Super Bowl ad, emphasizing the combination of an exciting new product, stellar talent, a compelling script, and a dedicated team. Adding stars like Ashley Park and USHER into the mix, according to Casey, promises a commercial that is not only hilarious but also unforgettable.

In anticipation of the Super Bowl, BMW unveiled two teasers that generated buzz around the advertisement. The first teaser, “Agent,” humorously critiques the tradition of Super Bowl ad teasers, while the second, “Singing,” sets the stage for USHER’s cameo, featuring Walken enjoying USHER’s hit song “Yeah!” in the new electric BMW i5.