The new BMW i5 wins some accommodates from U.S. car magazine Edmunds. According to the outlet, the new 5 Series electric is one of their top electric cars in 2024. The BMW i5 has garnered acclaim for its seamless integration of classic luxury and modern electric vehicle technology. A standout feature of the i5 is its design and comfort; it retains the spacious and well-designed interior characteristic of the 5 Series, with a focus on avoiding an over-reliance on technology.

Top Power, Decent Range in the i5 M60

In terms of performance, Edmunds says the i5 is remarkable offering a silent and efficient electric powertrain, and the range-topping M60 model impresses with its 593 horsepower. The driving experience of the i5 is another highlight. It successfully combines comfort, luxury, and sportiness, providing an enjoyable driving experience. The cabin’s quietness further enhances this experience, making the i5 a pleasure to drive. Additionally, the vehicle stands out for its range and efficiency. In testing, the i5 eDrive40 exceeded its EPA range estimates, achieving an impressive 321 miles on a single charge, underlining its efficiency. The i5 M60 doesn’t do as well in the EPA rating – only 256 miles. Next, Edmunds mentions the road comfort of the BMW i5 being exceptional, partly due to the standard cushy air suspension featured in all models.

BMW i7 and Hyundai Ioniq 6

The other two finalists in the 2024 Top Electric Car ranking was the BMW i7 and the Hyundai Ioniq 6. The BMW i7, like the i5, is acclaimed for its transformation of a traditional gasoline car into an electric vehicle, in this case, the BMW 7 Series. This high-end executive sedan boasts a range of luxurious features, including options like rear massaging seats, a 31-inch Theater Screen, and a front camera that prepares the suspension for upcoming road irregularities. However, its exterior design has garnered some criticism.

A notable aspect of the i7 is its agility. Despite its size, it handles more nimbly than expected, providing an impressive driving experience that, while not quite on par with the Porsche Taycan, still stands out. The advanced suspension system of the BMW i7 plays a crucial role in minimizing body roll, enhancing its status as a driver’s car in the full-size luxury electric vehicles category.

The 2024 BMW i5 eDrive40 starts at $66,800, slightly more than the gas-powered 540i xDrive and $9,000 more than the i4 eDrive40. It’s a very competitive price point that offers arguably more luxuries than the $88,000 Tesla Model S and a bit more style than, say, the similarly-priced Genesis GV60 or Cadillac Lyriq crossovers. The hotter i5 M60 starts at a whopping $84,100 but provides Model S-adjacent performance.

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