The M5 Touring is creating quite a buzz on BMW’s social media channels these days, but the M division doesn’t want you to overlook its smaller sibling. Before the wraps come off the highly anticipated G99, the G81 is doing what wagons do best – hauling stuff. The German luxury brand has adorned a Christmas tree on that elongated roof and even switched on the lights.

The M3 Touring features a red livery with dozens of tiny M logos, similar to what we saw a few days ago on the M5 Touring covered in festive wrapping paper. It’s not just any version of the sporty estate, as it boasts several M Performance Parts. Chief among them is the upgraded exhaust system with vertically stacked dual tips, mounted near the center of a carbon fiber diffuser.

Besides the carbon fiber add-ons, this high-performance wagon also sports the 1000 M wheels in Frozen Gold. Drifting home for the holidays, the most practical M3 of all time sadly remains a forbidden fruit in the United States. Despite not being sold in North America, the G81 has been a huge commercial success, prompting BMW to triple production to meet the demand.

With the M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe/Convertible receiving a Life Cycle Impulse in 2024, the M division has expedited the M3 Touring’s LCI. It’s likely to be released next year, but you’ll have to wait until 2025 for the limited-run CS variant. Meanwhile, the larger M5 Touring is set to be unveiled next year. Hopefully, it’ll be available in the US just in time for next Christmas, or at the very least, we’ll receive confirmation that it’s coming to this side of the pond.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for the G81 to make it here since the 3 Series Touring hasn’t been homologated for the US. However, there are indications that the G99 has received approval from BMW USA. Only the M5 Touring is coming here, so don’t hold your breath for a regular 5 Series wagon or a fully electric i5/i5 M60 Touring.

Source: BMW M / Instagram