The recently introduced WhatsApp channel feature has recently become active for many users. So we decided to offer you a new way to get your daily news. Of course, we still have the iOS and Android mobile apps, but today, we’re going to open our WhatsApp Channel to everyone. If you wish to stay informed about the latest BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce news, you can now subscribe to the BMWBLOG channel.

The Channels feature can be found under the Updates tab in your iOS or Android WhatsApp. Under Channels, you can click on the “+” sign and search for BMWBLOG. Alternatively, you can effortlessly scan the QR code found bellow. There is also a third way of adding our channel by simply clicking on this link. You can also use the Desktop and Web versions of Whatsapp, and that will give you access to our channel on your laptop or computer as well.

Similar to a newsletter or news ticker, our goal is to deliver daily updates on the latest BMW news through the WhatsApp channel. We use to share links directly through our social media channels, but algorithm changes have made it difficult for all followers to see our updates. Through the BMWBLOG WhatsApp channel we will keep you updated on the latest news, product launches, test drives, spy photos and even our new Youtube videos. Of course, we will try to space them out so you don’t feel spammed by the updates.

Users can express their opinions directly in the WhatsApp channel by using emojis. For more extensive comments and discussions, the Disqus section below each article remains the appropriate space. We hope that many of our readers will embrace this new option, allowing us to keep them updated more regularly. Feedback is welcome, and we are eager to gauge the response to this offering. If the channel function isn’t yet visible on your smartphone, a bit of patience is required. WhatsApp is gradually rolling out this feature and hasn’t made it available to all users as of now.