Friday the 13th proved to be a lucky day for the BMW Group Regensburg Plant in Germany as they celebrated yet another significant production milestone. The plant marked the production of their eight millionth vehicle, and this time, the star of the show was the fully electric BMW iX1 xDrive30 in the elegant Space Silver metallic finish.

BMW X2 Joins the Production Line in November

The BMW Group Regensburg Plant currently rolls out up to 1,000 vehicles daily. These vehicles include popular models like the BMW 1 Series, BMW X1, and X2, destined for customers across the globe. What makes this achievement even more special is the fact that the BMW iX1 xDrive30 is a fully electric model. The Regensburg Plant is at the forefront of the transition towards electric vehicles with the X1 and now the new BMW X2.

“With the also fully electric BMW iX2, we will introduce another BEV offering from BMW in the high-volume compact class starting in November,” said Olaf Möllhoff, Head of Production Control and responsible for the strategy of the BMW Group Plant Regensburg. Preparations are in full swing.”

To accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles, the Regensburg Plant will be starting a night shift in November, transitioning to a three-shift operation. This move is a reflection of the ever-increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the commitment of the plant to cater to this burgeoning market. Davide Vitolo, Head of Personnel, emphasized, “Electric mobility is a growth driver for our plant. Already, we are running additional shifts on selected Saturdays.”

The shift towards electric vehicles not only benefits the environment but also presents new opportunities for job growth. By the end of the year, the BMW Group will invest over 350 million euros in vehicle production in Regensburg. In addition to the investment, the plant will hire approximately 500 new employees permanently.

[Source: BMW]