If you’re willing to splurge out on a new BMW 5 Series, look no further than this car since it’s probably the priciest build of the G60 we have seen so far. The luxury sedan is a fully electric version in the M Performance guise, on top of which plenty of extras have been added. The i5 M60 wears a matte Individual paint (Frozen Pure Grey) and is chock-full of M Performance Parts.

From the wheels with M-branded valve caps to the carbon fiber shark fin antenna, this 2023 BMW i5 M60 is filled to the brim with goodies from the MPP catalog. It looks as though windshield and rear glass stickers are still a thing in 2023, and this sporty electric sedan goes the extra mile with body decals on the sides of the car.

BMW i5 M60 with M Performance Parts / https://www.instagram.com/fabian_kirchbauer

Eagle-eyed readers will notice two different wheel designs along with numerous carbon fiber upgrades such as the split front spoiler lip, side skirts, and rear diffuser. All these extras do give the i5 M60 a meaner attitude and mimic some of the ferociousness BMW is saving up for the full-fat M5 coming in 2024. The range-topping vehicle will go a step further with its wider hips and a quad exhaust system.

Open the doors and you’ll be greeted by carbon fiber side sills with M Performance lettering, a flat-bottomed steering wheel with the M logo, and a carbon dashboard trim. As for the upholstery, no animals were harmed since BMW wrapped the seats in vegan perforated leather (Veganza). By the way, the eighth-generation 5 Series is the company’s first car to offer a truly vegan cabin.

BMW i5 M60 with M Performance Parts / https://www.instagram.com/fabian_kirchbauer

This i5 M60 also happens to have the optional crystal controls for items such as the gear selector and the iDrive rotary knob to blend the sporty ambiance of an M Performance car with the premium vibe you’d expect from a luxury car. Although BMW currently sells this car strictly as a sedan, a more practical i5 Touring is coming early next year and it too will be offered in M Performance guise. Alternatively, the M5 Touring will cater to those who still want a big V8 engine.

Source: fabian_kirchbauer / Instagram