People shopping for a new sports car tend to be more courageous when configuring their favorite build. Although Alpine White is far from being a bold choice, it’s the rest of this BMW M2 G87  that makes the rear-wheel-drive machine an eye-grabbing coupe. The car’s styling has raised a few eyebrows and this high-end version loaded up with M Performance Parts is sure to make it even more polarizing.

A right-hand-drive model with the Steptronic eight-speed automatic gearbox, optional bucket seats, and a carbon fiber roof, this G87 build is chock-full of MPP. You can see them from just about every angle, especially at the rear where there’s a trunk lid spoiler made from carbon fiber complemented by a roof-mounted spoiler. The M2 also has an attention-grabbing profile with side spats and skirt attachments – all of which come in carbon fiber.

The only notable M Performance Part this car is missing is the exhaust with the stacked tips mounted in the center. Some would argue that’s for the better since the look of the exhaust hasn’t been well-received since  it originally came out a few years ago on the M3 and M4. Even without it, this M2 looks seriously aggressive, perhaps a bit too much for its own good.

BMW doesn’t offer these goodies strictly as a full package since a customer can order only the individual items they want. This is true not just for the second-generation M2 but for basically all other models for which the German luxury brand has created MPP items. These are not exclusive to full-fat M cars as M Performance models, as well as lesser ones, can be fitted with similar extras.

It’s perfectly understandable why some people will find these items as overkill, especially on an Alpine White car that makes the carbon fiber stand out even more. The regular M2 is far more subdued, although we wouldn’t call it necessarily subtle either since it still has a controversial appearance even in its most basic form.

Source: Andrew Barker / Instagram, Dick Lovett / Instagram