These two new electric cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz—the i7 and EQS, respectively—are going to be the new 7 Series and S-Class, battling it out for luxury car supremacy. BMW and Mercedes have been going head-to-head in this segment for decades and the only thing that’s changed is the type of powertrain being used. Instead of big V8s and V12s, their two luxo-barges are entirely electric. However, they certainly go about it in different ways. In this new video from Autocar India, we get to see which brand is better at this new style of electric luxury.

From the outside, their looks tell very different stories about each car. The BMW i7 is based on the standard 7 Series chassis, so it isn’t a bespoke electric architecture. And it shows. Its massive, boxy front end was clearly designed to be able to fit a big V8 under its hood and its ungainly proportions to give it some added interior space. However, despite not being an electric car from the ground up , the BMW i7 still has a lovely back seat, with a shocking amount of space.

The Mercedes EQS is an entirely different story. It’s built on a bespoke EV platform, not based on the more traditional S-Class, and it looks like it. Its incredibly smooth body style was designed for one thing and one thing only—aerodynamics. Admittedly, Mercedes’s plan payed off aerodynamically, as the EQS was the slipperiest vehicle in the world when it debuted and its ultra-aerodynamic shape does help it snag a few more miles of range. However, it does look odd and its rear seat space suffers because of it and the EQS lacks much of the technology and comfort of the i7. Imagine that, a BMW with more back seat luxury than a Mercedes.

In terms of how they drive, the BMW i7 is certainly fast and delivers sports car performance. However, the Mercedes EQS was said to feel smaller and more nimble, while having better steering.

It’s fascinating to see how these two cars compete because they’re both so very different than the 7 Series’ and S-Classes of the past. Sure, this new i7 drives very much like the current 7 Series but that itself is a departure from the style of previous-generation cars. So it’s interesting to see the new guard from BMW and Mercedes battle it out for a new style of luxury supremacy.