The BMW i5 is coming and we’re getting closer and closer to its release date. As we near the i5’s official unveiling, BMW must be doing some promotional work with the camouflaged test mule, as it was recently spotted at the BMW Welt.

In the spy photos, you can clearly see the BMW i5 sitting on some sort of platform fit with scaffolding. Attached to the scaffolding it high-tech camera equipment, suggesting that BMW is shooting the car for what we can only assume is promotional material for an upcoming teaser.

The car in these spy photos also seems to be a BMW i5 M60, the fastest, most exciting version of the upcoming i5. This test mule certainly seems to be the i5 M60, thanks to its combination of badges, its lack of exhaust pipes, and its size mirrors. It’s obviously a 5 Series but its “Electrified Vehicle” gives away its i5 nature. You might be saying to yourself that “Electrified Vehicle” could  include for hybrids too and there will be plug-in hybrid versions of the 7 Series. However, this test mule also has M-style mirrors, which won’t be available on plug-in hybrid models in the future because there won’t be a hybrid M Performance car. But there will be an i5 M60, so that’s really all this car could be.

Automakers have been doing a lot of official spy photo and video work lately. I guess they figure if the test mules are going to get spied anyway, they might as well make the photos be as professional as possible. BMW has done this quite a bit over the years, with cars like the M2 and i4. So it’s not much of a surprise that BMW would be shooting something official with the i5 test mule. Plus, we already saw the i5 M60 in an official video, dancing on ice.

There’s little other information to gain, aside from the fact that it was at the BMW Welt, as the car is covered in not only heavy camouflage but also camera equipment. However, we already know that the i5 M60 will not only be the most powerful i5 variant but it will be the most powerful non-M5 version of the 5 Series. It isn’t exactly going to be an M5 but it’s going to be shockingly close, in terms of performance. It should make upwards of 600 horsepower from its dual-motor powertrain, potentially the same 610 horsepower as the iX M60. When it debuts, it will be a shockingly fast car and we can’t wait to see it. Until then, though, we’re gonna have to wait for whatever BMW is filming here.