Doug Demuro, the popular YouTuber, has recently released his review of the 2023 BMW M2. True to his style, he primarily highlights the car’s unique features and quirks, along with his personal driving experience on the road. Here are some of the notable aspects of DeMuro’s review, without revealing too much. DeMuro is fond of the M2’s appearance and thinks that BMW can still produce cars for driving enthusiasts. He even mentions that the car’s design reminds him of the E30 M3.

But what about the “Doug Score”? The 2023 BMW M2 scores 65 out of 100 points, on part with the Audi RS3, BMW M4 Competition and the previous generation F87 M2 Competition. As you’d expect, the 2023 BMW M2 gets his highest marks in the Weekend / Track Warrior category. The “Acceleration” scores a whooping 8 out of 10 points while the “Fun Factor” comes in at 7. Overall, his review mimics our own experience with the car, with the caveat that we drove both the manual and automatic and pushed the car a bit more on canyon roads.

Generally speaking, the design and weight of the vehicle are the only aspects that may generate debate, but even these elements are subjectively disputable. Upon our return, we were thoroughly impressed with the car’s exceptional ability to maintain grip on the road while delivering precise turn-ins, and a satisfactory level of steering feedback. Furthermore, the M2’s remarkable cornering performance left us enamored, as it enabled late braking and swift exits from narrow turns.

Undoubtedly, the S58 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine is a remarkable feat of engineering, offering impressive power throughout nearly the entire power band, particularly when paired with the automatic transmission. Despite the customary synthetic cabin noise, both the engine and exhaust emit pleasing sounds. As far as performance goes, the G87 M2 commences at the same level as its predecessor, the F87 M2 CS, which bodes well for the car’s future potential.

You can read our entire BMW M2 review here, you can also catch up on our impressions of the six-speed manual model, and lastly, you can watch our hour long video review below. And as always, stay tuned for more BMW M2 content coming up in the next few weeks!