Even though it’s only Monday, we strongly believe this is the most satisfying video you’re going to watch all week. The subject is a neglected BMW 3 Series Convertible from the E30 era that was pampered by a professional detailer from Costa Mesa, California who believes it has doubled the car’s value following the restoration job. The car in question is a 325iC that received a new soft top as well as reupholstered seats.

The first order of business was to blast dry ice on the underbody as well as inside the cabin for what may be the most enjoyable part of the timelapse video. Dry ice was also used to get rid of the paint applied to the badly resprayed third brake light module. Before doing the necessary paint correction, all the trim pieces were removed from the body while the badges were taken off as well.

Despite its venerable age, the droptop 3er E30 still had about 98% of the original paint. The detailer went through the trouble of respraying the “press” button of the seatbelt buckles, which had started to fade. The whole interior was thoroughly cleaned, which involved removing not only the front seats and rear bench but also taking out the center console and other elements.

Putting the car back together is just as satisfying to watch, seeing how it comes alive once again after having its interior stripped down and the fabric roof removed. Special attention was given to the instrument cluster to iron out scratches that had accumulated over the decades. During this procedure, we get to see the E30 cabrio’s odometer showing 183,134 kilometers (113,794 miles). In addition, the digital display of the onboard computer (OBC) was replaced, presumably because the original one had dead pixels.

The end result is nothing short of amazing as the E30 Convertible looks factory fresh even though the second-generation 3 Series went out of production nearly three decades ago.

Source: I AM Detailing / YouTube