Customers are finally getting their hands on the new 2023 BMW M2 and are excited to put some of BMW’s claims to the test. Among these claims is the weight of the car. Despite not being a featherweight, some customers are eager to see how it performs. The G87 M2 has an official curb weight quoted by BMW of 3,814 lbs, which is almost as heavy as the G82 M4 with a comparable specification.

Some weight savings techniques

Have you ever wondered about the real-life weight of a manual G87 M2? Well, a member of G42.bimmerpost, “zero21”, claims to have one of the lightest M2 configurations, with M Sport seats instead of the even lighter M Carbon Buckets, and equipped with 872M wheels and 90 percent fuel in the tank. According to “zero21”, the unofficial weight of the car is 3,735 lbs, which is lighter than the official curb weight quoted by BMW. But of course, the specs might be different.

Undoubtedly, many G87 M2 owners will strive for even further weight reduction. There are several easy modifications that can be made to achieve this, such as replacing the battery with a lighter lithium version, installing forged wheels, adding a catback exhaust, and even swapping out the hood for a carbon fiber one. Even from the factory, there are ways to make the M2 lighter, such as the aforementioned carbon bucket seats. For those who are even more adventurous, a rear seat delete in the style of the CSL is an option worth considering.

Turn the M2 into a track weapon

It’s natural to expect the aftermarket industry to offer even lighter parts for the G87 M2, potentially reducing its weight to around 3,600 lbs. When combined with the impressive 453 horsepower, this weight reduction could transform the new M2 into one of the most exciting track toys out there.

Given that the G87 M2 is based on the G82 M4, it was anticipated that the car would be relatively heavy. This was also the case with the previous generation F87 M2, which shared a similar weight issue as it was based on the F82 M4, considered heavy at the time. For the statistics column, the G87 M2 is about 200 lbs heavier than the F87 M2 Competition. 

To learn more about the 2023 BMW M2 and some of its specs, feel free to watch our comprehensive review. 

[Source: zero21 member]