The M Performance Parts catalog for the new BMW M2 is one of the more extensive ones we’ve seen in a long time. It comes with a suite of visual and performance-enhancing parts that not only improve it but make it look like a completely different car. If you want your M2 to stand out from the crowd, you won’t be disappointed by this catalog and, in our latest video, we show you just how far you can go with it.

Our video comes to you from Scottsdale, Arizona, for the worldwide media launch of the BMW M2 and BMW XM. While there, we were able to get up close and personal with a new BMW M2 fully kitted out in M Performance gear. It’s a car you’ve likely seen before, with the orange and red livery accented by black strips, however the unique color and livery is a wrap, the car isn’t painted that way. Unfortunately, a factory M2 can’t be painted that way.

What can actually be optioned, though, is a full suite of carbon fiber parts. This specific BMW M2 is festooned in carbon fiber accents, very few of them actually being functional. There are carbon accents on the front air intakes, some funny little side strakes on the back of the front wheel arches, pseudo canards, side skirts with winglets, a large fixed rear wing, and even a roof spoiler. All of it makes the BMW M2 looks far more aggressive, though whether it looks better is up to personal preference. It’s also cool that the standard BMW M2 gets an optional carbon fiber roof for the first time ever, as only the previous M2 CS had a carbon roof.

Out back, there’s a quad stacked exhaust system, that exists from the center of a much different rear bumper, similar to what you can find on M Performance M3s and M4s. It’s an interesting look that some fans like and some don’t. However, the new exhaust system should help the car sound better.

Inside, there’s a new M Performance steering wheel, which features Alcantara and leather, M-colored stitching, carbon fiber inlays, and a blue 12 o’clock stripe. There’s also an M Performance Alcantara armrest.

You don’t have to get every single M Performance option in the catalog but if you do, your car will look a lot like this one (minus the livery, that’s not available). However, if you don’t want it to be as extreme, you can just hand select a few options to give your car a bit of a visual edge.