The 2024 BMW X5 M60i will be sooner than you think, with some heavy upgrades over the outgoing model. An engine breathed upon by BMW M produces similar power as before but with twice the character. The curved display makes its debut in the X5 and X6, with iDrive Operating System 8 handling controls and infotainment. A series of cosmetic revisions round out the reasons to upgrade to the newest model, and with them comes a price bump. The base MSRP of the X5 M60i escalates to $89,300 from $85,400 last year. But, based on the improvements, this $3,900 price hike might just be worth it. Of course, when well-optioned, the price can extend to over $110,000 – significantly more than the outgoing model. But is it worth it?

Performance and Engine

The 2024 BMW X5 M60i gets the new S68 engine standard, a hopped-up M-tuned version of last year’s X5 M50i. Power remains unchanged, according to BMW: 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. But we have a feeling that might be a case of typical BMW underestimations. Changes over the outgoing engine include a cross-bank exhaust manifold, external engine oil cooling, a reinforced crankshaft drive, and a new oil pump. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive, just like last year.

BMW says the powerful SUV will sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, and we think that’s a similar underestimation, too. BMW limits the 2024 X5 M60i to a 155-mph top speed. But we do not doubt that it could attain higher speeds without it.

Design and Styling

On the outside, the 2024 BMW X5 M60i features significant changes from the outgoing model. Revised air breathers on the side and a new front bumper – sporting slimmer headlights and a new grille design – set the new one far apart from last year’s version. An optional illuminated kidney grille and available Shadowline Package add additional flair when desired.

Inside, the biggest change is the addition of the curved display found elsewhere in the BMW lineup. But a new shifter design, revised dashboard, and slightly tweaked ambient lighting add character and bring the interior a more modern feel.

Technology and Features

You can find lots of cutting-edge technology in the 2024 BMW X5 M60i. A head-up display, full LED headlights, and an M Sport Differential all come standard on the M60i and set it apart from the lower trim versions of the X5. The new curved display and iDrive Operating System 8 provide wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and new voice commands are a commensurate step up from the outgoing model. In addition, ventilated seats, remote engine start, and a Harman Kardon sound system make the cabin feel a little more special and are all baked into the 2024 BMW X5 M60i’s base MSRP.

Customization Options

The 2024 BMW X5 M60i offers plenty of personalization. Six different wheel options range from standard 20-inchers to blacked-out 22-inch double-spoke units. BMW expands the color pallet to include colors like Marina Bay Blue metallic, Frozen Pure Grey metallic, and Skyscraper Grey metallic. Glass Controls are available as a standalone option or come included in the Executive Package. Red calipers, Shadowline lights, and an M Sport Exhaust system come in the $650 M Sport Professional Package.

There are tons of upgrades available for the 2024 BMW X5 M60i. The regular suspension can be replaced with either a two-axle air suspension or the Adaptive M Suspension Professional – $1,000 and $2,200, respectively. The standard HK sound can be passed over in favor of a Bowers and Wilkins one that costs $3,400 but provides a readily noticeable step up in sound quality. Finally, extended leather upholstery can replace the standard Sensafin for the low cost of just $1,950.

Price Point and Comparison 

So, how does the 2024 BMW X5 M60i end up at over $110,000? It’s easier than you might think:

  • $89,300 Base MSRP
  • $3,600 Frozen Grey Metallic
  • $1,950 Extended Merino Leather
  • $2,100 Driving Assistance Professional Package
  • $650 M Sport Professional Package
  • $900 Parking Assistance Package
  • $3,950 Executive Package
  • $500 Climate Comfort Package


So, before you even start adding standalone options, the vehicle gets up to $102,950. Let’s add a few choice options and see where we end up.

  • $1,900 22-inch wheels (Style 747M or 742M)
  • $2,200 Adaptive M Suspension Professional
  • $250 Space-saver spare
  • $650 Trailer hitch
  • $1,250 Leather Dashboard
  • $300 Carbon fiber trim
  • $3,400 Bowers & Wilkins


That brings us to $112,900, omitting a more expensive trim option, an anthracite Alcantara headliner, and massaging seats. So, fully loading up your 2024 BMW X5 M60i will definitely get you over the $110,000 mark.

How does that compare to other manufacturers? Mercedes-Benz offers the AMG GLE 53 and GLE 63, and the X5 M60i sits somewhere in between both. It offers quicker acceleration and more power than the GLE 53 but boasts a considerably higher price tag. On the other hand, the 63 S is much more expensive, starting at $120,000 and offering more power.

Audi’s got the 500-horsepower SQ7 SUV which offers very comparable performance and similar pricing, starting from $90,200. It tops out at around $117,000 but actually offers fewer options for personalization. A Bang & Olufsen system costs $5,000, and the odd Night Vision option racks up another $2,500. Overall, it’s hard to tell what the additional cost is getting you.


Photo tim1king / Instagram

The new 2024 X5 M60i offers a clearly identifiable step up from last year’s model. While it’s difficult to claim a $100k+ SUV is a “good value” without laughing, the new M60i provides luxury befitting its massive price tag. It’s arguably a better value than competitors in the space like Mercedes and Audi and offers more flexibility regarding customization than both. Realistically, the 2024 X5 M60i is at its best with a few choice options that accentuate what it naturally does well: offer exhilarating performance and top-tier technology.