Judging by recent spy photos, the second-generation BMW X2 is going to look significantly different than the first. The BMW X2 that you can buy today is one of the oddest looking Bimmers ever made, with a frumpy shape that can’t tell if it wants to be a crossover or a hatchback. However, the next generation car looks more focused, like it knows exactly what it wants to be when it grows up—an X4. So this new render from Germany’s Finest shows off what a potential BMW X2 M50i might look like.

This render pulls inspiration from a few different places. The main one is the current crop of spy photos showing off the next-gen X2 in camouflage. Being able to see it shape helped create the silhouette of this rendered car and looks pretty accurate. Whereas the last-gen X2 was more hatchback-like, this one will be more coupe SUV-like, similar to the BMW X4. So if this render looks like an X4 to you, that’s for a reason.

Render by instagram.com/germanysfinest43

However, it also has a few other interesting things going on. For starters, this rendered X2 M50i has the same flush door handles as the i4, the same rear bumper as the X4 M, M-style mirrors, and an interesting double spoiler design. There’s a subtle roof spoiler, like with most BMW M SUVs but there’s also a second spoiler just above the taillights. Such designs aren’t uncommon but it does look a bit odd here.

Speaking of taillights, these are interesting. They’re pointy and feature dual ‘C’ shaped LEDs inside of them. If that’s what the production taillights look like on the BMW X2 when it debuts, I don’t think fans will be too disappointed but they do look a bit odd.

Render by instagram.com/germanysfinest43

At the bottom of the car’s rear end you’ll notice quad exhaust pipes. For the past 20 years or so, quad exhausts on a BMW meant M. Only proper BMW M cars had quad exhausts and nothing else. However, this new trend of M Performance cars stealing design elements from the M Division has continued onto the quad exhaust design. So even though this render is just of an M Performance car—which will really exist but it will likely be an X2 M35i, not an M50i—its quad exhausts are accurate.

I don’t think many car enthusiasts would call a car like this beautiful. However, if the M Performance BMW X2 ends up looking like this render, I think most fans would agree that it’d be a huge step up from the previous X2 M35i.

[Render by instagram.com/germanysfinest43]