It’s hard to imagine neglecting a car as incredible and collectible as the E39 M5. Most enthusiasts would kill for the chance to own an E39 M5, which is why most owners take care of them. In fact, some owners take care of them a little too well, by never driving them and keeping them in air-tight garages. However, this one is not such a car. Instead this one went a decade without being washed and, in this new video from AMMO NYC, you get to see it get its first wash in ten years.

However, this car is not what you expect. Hearing that it sat for ten years probably makes you imagine a 250,000 monstrosity. This car, though, has just over 20,000 miles on it. It was bought brand new and then after a little while of driving it, the owner left it in a warehouse, where’s it sat, abandoned for a decade. During its time, it not only collected dust but a bit of mold inside, and even drywall bits fell on its roof.

Still, despite its neglect, it was in remarkably good shape. The interior was essentially perfect, save for some light mold and dust, and its paint was nearly perfect. So when it got back to the AMMO NYC, its wash and detail was special and it’s really fun to watch. Even after just a good wash, the car looked great. But after breaking out the polisher, it looked absolutely fantastic. Once it was done, it genuinely looked like it could have rolled off of the showroom floor. Actually, it looked better than that. Much better.

It also received a fluid flush, including engine oil, transmission fluid, and collect, to make sure it’s running well. When they start it up in this video, you can hear that it starts without issue and makes a lovely noise while doing it.

Interestingly, the E39 BMW M5 is actually for sale. So if you’re interested, you can get yourself a proper E39 M5 with great mileage. Even more interesting, it’s being sold on Doug DeMuro’s auction site Cars and Bids. The only problem is that it’s going to be expensive. The highest bidder is currently sitting at an $80,000 bid, with six days left on the auction, which means it could go up in a bit. It’s almost certainly going to crest the six-figure mark, making it once again incredibly expensive.