The time has finally come! You can now build your own BMW XM on BMW’s online configurator tool, so I thought I’d have a crack at it and see my ideal spec. Shockingly, there aren’t a whole ton of options for the vehicle. But, I imagine the BMW Individual library is hard at work with some bespoke touches for their more discriminating customers. The important details: the base MSRP is $159,000 before delivery fees.

Even after fully loading it up, only three options or packages added any cost. $2,500 for special leather, $3,400 for a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, and $2,500 for the M Driver’s Package. With less than a 10% increase over the base price, a fully loaded XM lists for $167,400. A true performance bargain, I’m sure. Anyway – here are all the options you can get on the 2023 BMW XM, according to the online configurator.

Exterior Paint for the BMW XM

Build Your Own BMW XM
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The paint options for the 2023 BMW XM are Carbon Black Metallic, Black Sapphire Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Marina Bay Blue Metallic, Dravit Grey Metallic, Toronto Red Metallic, and Cape York Green Metallic. These are all no-cost options, and generally, the darker colors look better, in my opinion. But pairing Marina Bay Blue with the gold wheels really brings out the Subaru fan in me. But realistically, I would opt for Carbon Black – it’s a color with great BMW heritage, and it does a great job overall of toning down the BMW XM’s radical looks.

Wheel Choices

BMW XM Build Your Own - side
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Again, no upcharges here. 22-inch Style 922M wheels are available with either performance or high-performance tires. They’re only available in a black/alloy finish. BMW has primarily showcased this SAV with the 23-inch Style 923M wheels, which seem to only be available with performance non-run flats. Normally black/alloy, they are also available in a less subtle shade of Night Gold, which we’ve seen before on the 8 Series and 3 Series. I’d stick with the high-performance 22s and call it a day.

Interior Upholstery and Trim

BMW XM Build Your Own - Interior Shot
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A black interior comes standard on the 2023 BMW XM and is free of charge. Sakhir Orange and Black is a $1,500 upcharge. Spend $2,500 and get wild two-tone Silverstone with Vintage Coffee or Deep Lagoon with Vintage Coffee. Both are unique, but I would find it difficult to live with every day. The Coffee component covers the doors, dashboard, and what appears to be the entire headliner – so I hope you like brown. Only one trim option is currently available, and it’s carbon fiber.

Since I’ve got a black car (blue-ish, I guess), I think the Sakhir Orange would work okay and be slightly better than a black-on-black car. The BMW XM lends itself to the outlandish thanks to its unique appearance, so I think I’m safe with some color on the interior.

Options on the Build Your Own for the BMW XM

BMW XM Build Your Own
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Only four options are listed for the BMW XM on the build your own tool: Bowers and Wilkins, Night Gold Metallic Exterior Trim, brake caliper color (red or blue), and the M Driver’s Package. The gold trim isn’t really my vibe, but I checked the boxes for Bowers and the M Driver’s Package – why not? Red calipers match my interior, so they’re the winner.

Build Your Own BMW XM

My build was $167,395, just $1,000 shy of fully loaded (due to my interior choice). Personally, I’m a little bit surprised at the overall lack of options available. On the other hand, since most everything comes standard (as it should on a $160K car), I guess there isn’t much left to add. Anyway, you can build your own BMW XM and tell us what the best color combination is.