These two crossovers are the two best premium offerings in the segment: the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. When it comes to space, practicality, sharp designs, great tech, and impressive driving dynamics, there really aren’t two better premium crossovers. However, the question now is: which one’s better? In this new video from Autogefühl, we get to find out.

On paper, the two cars are extremely similar. Go figure, two Bavarian car companies make similar cars for the same segment. Both are based on flexible front-wheel drive architectures, both have Haldex-based all-wheel drive systems, both have similarly sized/powered four-cylinder turbocharged engines, and both have touchscreen-based infotainment systems with advanced digital gauges. The biggest mechanical difference between the two cars is with their transmissions; the Bimmer uses a seven-speed dual-clutch, while the Audi gets an eight-speed auto.

Design is subjective, so it’s impossible for me, or Autogefühl’s Thomas, to truly say which is better looking, as you may have a different opinion. I like the front end of the Audi more but I prefer the rest of the BMW X1. On the inside, I love the way the X1 looks and feels, it’s a wonderful cabin to look at and sit in, but I hate the touchscreen-only iDrive 8. Audi’s tech is better—it’s also touchscreen-only but it was designed that way from the ground up, where iDrive 8 wasn’t, and you can tell, and its Virtual Cockpit digital gauge setup is better than BMW’s. However, both are good looking cars with smart interiors and great tech. Customers will love both.

In terms of driving dynamics, it really is a pick your flavor type deal. I’ve driven both cars (it was admittedly quite some time since I drove the Q3 and my X1 review is coming soon) and I prefer certain things about each car. The X1’s driving dynamics I find to be better, and same goes for the ride, but the Audi Q3’s powertrain seemed smoother and more fitting with that sort of car.

But if you want a comprehensive breakdown of both cars, one that digs into the comfort, practicality, tech, and driving of each, check this one out.