There are some BMW enthusiasts that feel ‘CS’ is the new ‘M.’ So many of BMW’s M cars are a bit too soft and comfy but the two most recent ‘CS’ cars—the BMW M2 CS and M5 CS—have been the best two M cars in the past couple of decades. So when we see the upcoming BMW M3 CS doing some testing at the Nurburgring, we sit up in our seats.

According to some leaked internal documents, the BMW M3 CS will make the same 543 horsepower as the M4 CSL, thanks to using the same version of its S58 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six.. However, its going to feel very different. The M4 CSL is focused on being stripped out and lightweight, tipping the scales at under 3,700 lbs. The BMW M3 CS, however, will be quite a bit heavier and more complex.

There’s no word on just how heavy the M3 CS will be, or even how much torque it will have, but we do know that it will come exclusively with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. It also won’t be as extreme, in terms of its lightweighting, as the M4 CSL. So it will probably weigh closer to 3,900 lbs. On the flip side, the added grip of the all-wheel drive system should make it even faster in a straight line than the M4 CSL and will make it brutally effective on track. The M3 Competition xDrive already has monstrous grip, so the M3 CS will be even stickier.

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I’m curious what sort of tires it will come with. The BMW M4 CSL uses a special Michelin Cup 2 R tire that has simply relentless, superhero-levels of grip. I’m not so sure the M3 CS will have the same tires, or if it will get a less aggressive setup, but tires make a big difference on the M4 CSL, so it will be interesting to keep an eye on.

There’s a chance that the BMW M3 CS could be even better than the M4 CSL. It’s going to be a bit less extreme, which might allow it to strike the perfect balance between comfort and performance, just like the M5 CS. Plus, it will be all-wheel drive, so it won’t be as bitey. Of all the cars in BMW’s pipeline, the M3 CS is what many fans are most excited for and they should see its official reveal within weeks.

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