Without question, the BMW XM is one of the most radical designs in the history of the brand. It’s a car of many firsts; the first standalone BMW M car since the M1, the first hybrid M car, and the first one to split the cabin into two styles. Its power, performance, and capabilities are unquestioned. However, fans have been questioning its design and whether it’s the right direction for BMW. In this new video, BMW’s head of design, Domagoj Dukec discusses why the XM’s “expressive” design is the way it is.

Expressive is one way to put it. The BMW XM is bold, brash, and in your face. If you like it, that’s a good thing. If you don’t it’s just gauche. However you feel about it, though, it’s certainly the most expressive BMW design ever made.

Certain aspects of it are quite interesting. For instance, the front headlights are split into two sections, an upper and a lower, however the lower is darkened to the point of making them visually disappear. The upper portion is ultra slim and features two LED lights, which accentuates the aggressive grille.


Inside, the cabin is split into two halves, the front and the back. The front part of the cabin is obviously for the driver, so it’s sporty, simple, and driver-focused. It has matte carbon fiber trim, red accents, and a display that’s curved toward the driver. However, the rear half of the cabin is far different. Instead of being sporty, it’s more relaxed, like a high-end lounge. The seats are trimmed in funky colors to contrast the vintage brown leather, that’s designed to look aged. The headliner features unique prismatic design that’s designed to give off a club-like vibe, especially of the ambient lighting built into the sides. So passengers up front can have fun, while rear passengers can relax.

The BMW XM is not only the most expressive car in BMW’s history, it’s also likely the most controversial. It makes Bangle’s E65 7 Series look like an instant classic. If expressive design is your thing, then the BMW XM is likely your thing. However, if you’re into more reserved designs, then you might want to pass.