Codenamed G45, the next-generation X3 is not expected to enter production until the second half of August. However, a well-trusted insider claims to be in the know about the direction BMW’s luxury crossover will take for its fourth iteration. Forum member ynguldyn has allegedly found out the Bavarians are aiming to push the vehicle upmarket with a 2025 BMW X3 M50i.

That’s not all too surprising now that the latest X1 is a lot larger and more sophisticated than its predecessor. The Munich-based automaker certainly wants to give customers enough reasons to step up to the more expensive X3. It is believed the next-gen vehicle will gain better materials throughout the interior, and unsurprisingly, the iDrive 8 is going to be standard across the range. Comfort Access will also be included even on the entry-level trim.

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BMW X3 M50i as an M Performance Model

In the United States, the 2025 BMW X3 is said to come in a base version and an M Performance model. The latter is rumored to transition to the “M50i” designation, but nothing is official yet. Expect the spicy flavor to have a standard M Sport suspension with the option for an adaptive setup. An illuminated grille is apparently in the works for the G45, and so are driving aids to match those offered for the current X5.

Outside of the US, there’s definitely going to be a plug-in hybrid since an early prototype has already been spotted testing with a charging port on the front fender. A small bump in size seems logical taking into consideration that the X1 now stretches 4.5 meters (177.1 inches) long. The BMW insider claims the best audio system available will be a Harman Kardon unit and he believes the next X3 won’t have a Level 3 self-driving system.

BMW X3 M to go Electric

A full-fat M variant is apparently not planned. BMW is said to be working on an iX3 M which is a fully-electric M SUV. There is no release date at the moment, but with the regular X3 starting production in August 2024, an X3 M electric won’t arrive until 2026-2027. While the regular X3 will sue the CLAR architecture, the new BMW iX3 M will be built on the electric-first Neue Klasse platform.

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Is the BMW X3 being discontinued?

No! BMW X3 will continue with a new generation, featuring a gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid and all-electric drivetrains.

What is the cheapest BMW X3?

In the United States, the BMW X3 sDrive30i has an MSRP of $46,200. The BMW X3 xDrive30i starts at $48,200.

What is the top BMW X3 model?

Currently, the top model is the BMW X3 M40i which is powered by a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine delivering 382 horsepower.