Real Madrid has switched sides by starting a new partnership with BMW to the detriment of Audi, which had been a major sponsor since 2003. The deal was inked in July, and per the agreement, the football and basketball players from the first-division teams have now received their shiny new cars. In addition, all the players of the first women’s football team, along with all the respective coaches, have taken delivery of their vehicles.

As seen in the adjacent large photo gallery, all players have received electric cars, either an i4 in the M Performance guise (M50) or an iX as either an xDrive40 or the xDrive50. Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid’s president, will take delivery of the i7 in December and BMW says the fullsize electric sedan will serve as the team’s official car.

Further down the line, Real Madrid players will also be given the opportunity to hop behind the wheel of other BMWs, all of which are going to be EVs. These include not only the aforementioned i7, but also the iX1 and iX3 crossovers. In the meantime, coach Carlo Ancelotti drove home in an i4 M50 painted in Tanzanite Blue while Benzema opted for the same car, but in Sapphire Black.

Over in Italy, BMW has signed a long-term deal with AC Milan. In Germany, the automaker had negotiations with FC Bayern Munich to become its main sponsor from 2025, but the team chose to extend its deal with Audi until 2029. In case you’re curious what each player got, a full list is attached below.

Source: BMW Spain

CourtoisGoalie1BMW i4 M50Dravit Gray metallic
luninGoalie13BMW i4 M50Dravit Gray metallic
carvajalDefender2BMW iX xDrive50saphirschwarz
E. MilitaoDefender3BMW i4 M50saphirschwarz
praiseDefender4BMW i4 M50M Brooklyn Gray met
VallejoDefender5BMW i4 M50M Brooklyn Gray met
NachoDefender6BMW iX xDrive50saphirschwarz
odriozolaDefender16BMW iX xDrive40saphirschwarz
Lucas V.Defender17BMW iX xDrive50Blue Ridge Mountain
rudigerDefender22BMW iX xDrive50Storm Bay metallic
F. MendyDefender23BMW i4 M50Dravit Gray metallic
Toni KroosMidfield8BMW iX xDrive50saphirschwarz
Luka modricMidfield10BMW iX xDrive50sophistograu
camavingaMidfield12BMW iX xDrive50Storm Bay metallic
valverdeMidfieldfifteenBMW iX xDrive50sophistograu
TchouameniMidfield18BMW i4 M50Tanzanite Blue metal
Mr. CeballosMidfield19BMW i4 M50M Brooklyn Gray met
HazardForward7BMW iX xDrive50sophistograu
BenzemaForward9BMW i4 M50saphirschwarz
AsensioForwardelevenBMW i4 M50Dravit Gray metallic
wine jrForwardtwentyBMW i4 M50saphirschwarz
RodrygoForwardtwenty-oneBMW iX xDrive50Phytonic Blau metal
MarianForward24BMW iX xDrive50sophistograu
Carlo AncelottiCoach BMW i4 M50Tanzanite Blue metal