They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but can you imagine being sad while sitting next to a whole fleet of special M cars? All jokes aside, this remarkable private collection from Toronto, Canada has some true gems that YouTuber Shmee was invited to film and share with his huge audience. As you’re about to see, the fleet extends well beyond BMWs as the owner also happens to have a soft spot for Porsches, plus a few classic Mercedes models.

Finished in Alpine White, that 1M is parked next to its spiritual successor, a first-generation M2 in the spicy CS flavor with a Sapphire Black paint. If you prefer something older, sitting pretty in the corner of the room is an M3 E36 Lightweight along with a Canadian-spec M3 from the same generation. BMW made only 45 units of the latter and these were built to European specification rather than the watered-down car sold in the United States. This particular car is allegedly the only one to carry this paint.

The impressive collection also includes an M3 E30 Sport Evo and a rare M3 E46 CSL in Sapphire Black rather than the more common Silver Grey. Sitting next to it is another interesting car, an M3 E36 GT of which only 356 examples were ever built. All were painted in British Racing Green. Missing from the garage but one of the many models in the owner’s fleet is an M3 GTS in Fire Orange from the E92 era.

Speaking of GTS models, the wealthy collector also has an M4 GTS parked next to one of the most beautiful cars BMW has ever made. Yes, we’re talking about the Z8 roadster, shown here with the hardtop. One of the classiest cars on display is an E24 M6 that was sold in North America and Japan as a detuned version of the M635CSi available in Europe. It’s joined by an E28 M5 that also appears to be in immaculate condition like all vehicles in the warehouse.

It’s safe to say the owner has great taste in cars and that black M3 E46 with a manual gearbox is an enthusiast’s wet dream.

Source: Shmee150 / YouTube