A convertible version of the all-new, all-electric Rolls-Royce Spectre is going to come at some point. Rolls hasn’t confirmed this, nor has spoken about it in any way, but we’re not dummies. We know that the Spectre—which is unofficially an electric Wraith replacement—will get a drop-top version to replace the Rolls-Royce Dawn. It’s inevitable. Which is why this render of a convertible Spectre is interesting because it will likely become a reality.

The Dawn seemed to be good seller for Rolls and its customers seem to like the idea of cruising around in a topless Rolls. And who can blame them? Experiencing a Rolls is mostly unlike experiencing any other car, so removing the roof and adding the ambience of the outside world makes it that much better. Plus, there’s something incredibly endearing about driving something so luxurious, with the roof down, in some gorgeous coastal location.

There’s also the experience of driving an electric convertible. I only drove on—the BMW i8 Roadster—which allowed a handful of relatively slow miles of all-electric driving from its plug-in hybrid powertrain. In its EV mode, with the top down, the i8 Roadster was lovely to drive. There was something so interesting about driving without a roof and hearing nothing from the car. I personally love convertibles because they typically add more exhaust sound, so taking all of that sound away didn’t seem attractive at first. However, it’s actually wonderful.

As you’d expect, the render looks like a Spectre without a roof. However, the render artist did a good job to make the new shoulder line seem realistic and even made the new roofline, with the roof up, look right. It isn’t just a cut and paste job, it looks legit. And if the Rolls-Royce Spectre Convertible (or whatever Rolls decides to call it) looks like this, I think customers will be pretty pleased.

This really is a matter of when, not if. Rolls-Royce is going to make a convertible version of the Spectre eventually, that’s just what the brand does. And when it does happen, whatever its name ends up being (which should be good, Rolls has a pretty good lineup of names), should be a very interesting, good looking, and hyper luxurious car. I can’t wait to drive one*. *If Rolls-Royce will let a peasant like me drive one, of course.

[Source: Car Scoops]