The Rolls-Royce Spectre might be the most different and unique Rolls in decades but it’s still a Rolls-Royce. That means it’s still every bit as bespoke as every other Roller. And while it’s impossible to include every option customers can choose in an online configurator—as Rolls-Royces are literally infinitely configurable—you can now configure your own Spectre on Rolls’ site.

No one will ever accuse me of being stylish, or being able to design anything attractive. But I’ll give configuring a stylish, interesting looking Spectre my best shot. Then all of you can configure your own and make me look dull and unimaginative.

To start, I picked Dark Indigo as my base paint because I think the Spectre looks best in dark colors and Dark Indigo is a lovely shade of blue with some hints of purple. I also picked a secondary color, which goes down the roof, hood, and trunk of the car, but I wanted to get a bit flashy with it so I chose Iguazu Blue. It’s a much lighter blue and the dual-blue combo is weird but I like it. Though, I stuck with the standard 23-inch wheels because I don’t like any of the other options. Rolls really should give the Spectre the same awesome disc wheels as the Phantom.

For the interior, I decided to get really silly because why the hell not. For the main interior color, I chose Mandarin, a nice rich orange, and then accented it with an Arctic White and black leather. The seats look like orange and vanilla swirl ice cream with chocolate sprinkles. It’s so stupid, I love it. You can also get pretty wild with your options, choosing different colors for so many different sections of the cabin. You can customize the different sections of the door panels, the center console, the headliner, the dashboard, and even the steering wheel. You can even choose different colors for the digital gauges.

That level of customization shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering it’s a Rolls-Royce. However, it’s really fun to play around with and you can make an incredibly bespoke car in the configurator. However, just imagine what it’s like to be a Rolls-Royce customer and to have the ability to customize your car down to the very last detail, with truly endless possibilities.