The G87 M2 is finally here – and what a car it promises to be. While there’s no doubt the powerful 458-horsepower S58 engine beneath the hood and massive 285mm rear tires will provide miles of smiles, enthusiasts can’t help but be worried. Why? Weight.

That Was Then…

For reference, the last generation M2 and M4 Coupe advertised similar curb poundage. The M4 Competition lugged around just 3565 pounds when equipped a manual transmission, and the row-your-own M2 weighed 3450 pounds. That’s only a delta of 115 pounds – not a lot. Generous, too – because depending on which model year, you might get a different number if you ask BMW. Some sources indicate as little as 25 pounds of weight separating the M2 Competition and 2019 M4 Competition Coupe.

That said, there’s a little more to the story. The M4 Coupe, for example, had optional carbon-ceramic brakes that saved around 40 pounds. Those were never available on (most) M2s. Lighter, optional CS-spec wheels, too. Not to mention it got the lightweight driveshaft that the M2 Competition never received. A carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof remained exclusive – and standard – on the M4, as well.

Now we’re going to look at where the all-new G87 M2 sits in relation to the current G82 M4. Unlike the F8X generation, the playing field has been leveled a bit. The G87 experiences almost none of the de-contenting that its predecessor did – and the M4 loses some of its tricks, like that drive shaft.

G82 M4 Weight

So, let’s kick it off with the G82. BMW says that the new M4 – in manual guise – weighs a not-insignificant 3830 pounds. I imagine that number can grow depending on the wheels. The standard 18 and 19-inch setup likely keeps weight three or four pounds lower per wheel than the optional 19/20-inchers that most people tend to option. But carbon-ceramic brakes would offset that and then some – as mentioned, they’ve historically shaved about 40 pounds off.

So, let’s call it a net loss of 30 pounds with carbon ceramics and the mandatory bigger wheels. Optional carbon bucket seats save the G82 another quoted 21 pounds.  We’ll call in total optimal weigh in for the G82 at around 3779 pounds.

Just like the F8X cars, the M4 does a relatively great job of keeping weight low. Similar vehicles in this space – think Mercedes’ C63 or Cadillac’s CT4-V – weigh more. The big Caddy tips the scales at around 3850 pounds, and Merc’s car is over two ton mark. So count your blessings. Next up: the new kid.

G87 M2 Weight

What do we know about the G87 M2? Well, it’s heavy, too. To quote BMW, it undercuts the M4 by just 16 pounds. Yup – quoted curb weight for the manual G87 M2 is 3814. But that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Carbon roof isn’t standard on this car – and that is said to cut around 13 pounds. The same carbon chairs are available here to cut a BMW-claimed 24 pounds.

However – there are still some unknowns when it comes to the M2’s packaging. Carbon ceramic brakes have not been confirmed as an option. If they’re there, that’s a huge savings over the standard brakes as usual. As the standard wheels – Style 930M – are the same 19/20-inch mix that BMW requires when optioning carbon ceramic brakes on the M4, I think our chances are good.

So, all in – if we’re really lucky and all cross our fingers and toes at once – the G87 M2 could weigh as little as 3740 pounds, in optimal weight-saving spec. Granted…by my estimation, that car would also cost nearly $80,000 USD. Don’t worry – I’m sure that’ll sound like a bargain once the M2 CS (or better, CSL…?) gets announced.

M4 and M2 Are Heavy Hitters

So – on a good day, and if we pray to the BMW gods – an M2 might save 40 pounds over a comparably equipped M4. That’s not a lot, and you’re a lot more likely to feel the difference in wheelbase than the weight. If you want a light car – you need to look elsewhere and be willing to compromise on tech, power, and other benefits the new M2 and M4 offer.

Spoiler alert: BMW isn’t all that concerned about weight anymore. With electrification’s heavy batteries taking the reins on driving, it’s no surprise. It’s the ever-growing gorilla in the room that no OEM really wants to talk about, and who can blame them? Most drivers don’t care and the rest – despite their protests to the contrary – won’t notice 50 pounds on a 3700-pound car. Don’t believe me? The 2015 M3 and M4 Press Release mentions weight 46 times. The latest M2’s? Just eight. The G80 and G82 press release talks about it just 12 times. Maybe it’s time to go on a diet.