In-car technology took off in the 1990s and has evolved tremendously ever since, especially in the last decade. A flagship model from a premium brand is now more along the lines of a rolling computer and the new 7 Series is a prime example of how tech has elevated the luxury segment. Borrowed straight from Rolls-Royce, this G70 greets you with its automatic doors – both front and rear. It also happens to have the optional “Iconic Glow” headlights with Swarovski crystals embedded into the upper daytime running lights.

Interestingly, BMW has decided to stick to the “Li” designation in some markets even though the seventh-generation 7 Series comes with only one wheelbase length. Measuring a stately 3,215 millimeters (126.5 inches) between the axles, the latest range-topper from Bavaria has a longer wheelbase than the old G12 stretched model. We’re dealing with a 740Li riding on 21-inch wheels and painted in what seems to be Dravit Gray metallic from the Individual catalog.

The 7er has quite a few boxes ticked on the options list, including the M Sport Package and the 31.3-inch Theatre Screen serving as the rear entertainment system. Speaking of the interior, the lavish cabin has been configured with the Merino leather upholstery in the Amarone color combined with a carbon fiber trim for the dashboard and center console. You’ll also notice the flat-bottomed steering wheel with an M logo on the lower spoke.

Another feature that will cost you extra is called CraftedClarity and it ecompasses crystal glass applications for the minimalist switchgear of the new 7 Series. With the latest generation, BMW has eliminated most controls by integrating their functions into the 14.9-inch touchscreen. There are more screens in the back where the door cards host 5.5-inch displays to control a multitude of amenities.

The 2023 7 Series is the first BMW to get the Interaction Bar. It stretches across the dashboard and extends onto the front doors with its crystalline panel incorporating LED ambient lighting. It contains touch-sensitive buttons to adjust the climate settings, turn on the hazard lights, and open the glovebox. The color automatically changes depending on the driving mode but can be manually selected by the driver.

Overall, the new 7 is a vast departure from the previous generation and we’ll have to wait and see whether fans of the brand will appreciate the new look and all this technology.

Source: LD AUTO / YouTube