Richie Hormillo has owned no fewer than five 3 Series E30s and this unmolested 325i is his lucky number six. A car built all the way back in 1987, it has been driven for fewer than 3,000 kilometers (less than 1,900 miles). It’s a veritable time capsule from an era considered by many enthusiasts as BMW peak. Aside from being a low-mileage example in pristine condition, the sports sedan is also a well-equipped model.

Just by simply opening the doors you can tell it’s not a run-of-the-mill E30 since the sills say “M Technic” in the famous three colors with a retro-flavored vibe. We’re being told by the proud owner it has a bespoke VIN attesting the car was built to M Technic specifications. Aside from the tool kit, he also happens to have the original documentation proving his four-door 325i is a bit more special than all the others. Save for the custom wheels, it’s a refreshingly stock E30.

Richie originally saw the 3 Series at a car show, displaying just 2,000 kilometers (almost 1,250 miles) on the odometer. He spoke with the owner, telling him he’d like to buy the car one day should he decide to sell it. After patiently waiting, he finally received a phone call from the owner, who was willing to part ways with his E30 for a “very steep price.”

Eagle-eyed readers will notice the car is not perfect as the tachometer seems to be broken. After all, we’re dealing with a car manufactured 35 years ago. As with most people proud owners of older cars, Richie enjoys the mechanical feel his second-generation 3 Series provides. While it’s no M3, the 325i provides an engaging ride courtesy of its inline-six engine while remaining comfortable thanks to a soft suspension.

Richie seems like the type of person who will take great care of his prized posession, and hopefully, he’ll fit some OEM wheels one day and fix the tachometer to have a genuine time capsule.

Source: SharkBlue Media / YouTube