Even though the M5 F90 has been around for about five years, tuners are still interested in squeezing more performance from the Bavarian sports sedan. BMW itself took its AMG E63 rival to new heights with the 627-horsepower CS, but customers always crave more. That’s where aftermarket specialists come in by taking the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 to much higher outputs.

The Russian tuners at Ramon Performance have developed the Stingray, representing an M5 Competition on steroids. Although it doesn’t have the bonkers 900 horsepower of the M5 CS modified by G-Power, the S63 has been massaged to deliver 850 hp. Perhaps more impressive is the torque number as the eight-cylinder engine can now generate a mountain-moving 1,111 Nm (820 lb-ft).

There’s no word about how these gains were obtained, but it goes without saying the power bump took more than just a remapped ECU. Beefier internals were likely necessary, and we do notice an Akrapovic exhaust that sounds absolutely evil. It suits the car’s appearance since the M5 Competition also got a full body kit with a carbon fiber trunk lid and a vented hood.

Carbon fiber was also used for the meaty trunk lid spoiler and the massive diffuser while the front end boasts yellow daytime running lights akin to the M5 CS. As a side note, BMW used a similar lighting theme for the M4 CSL as a way to harken back to race cars of yesteryear. The M5 Stingray had its interior bathed in carbon fiber as you’ll notice it just about everywhere. In fact, even the key has received the lightweight treatment.

We’re being told the M5 now takes just 2.4 seconds for the 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint and tops out at 214 mph (345 km/h). While we can’t vouch for these performance numbers, the car certainly looks fast even when it’s standing still. Perhaps there’s a bit too much carbon fiber and that front spoiler lip sticks out more than it should, but there is a market out there for ultra-aggressive designs.

Source: RoCars / YouTube