Parking maneuvers were improved in the 2023 BMW X7 facelift. The Maneuver Assistant or Reversing Assist Professional can now drive up to 200 meters (656 feet). Basically, using GPS and trajectory data defined by steering movements, the system can store the last 200 meters covered and the movements of the steering wheel. When arriving again at the respective starting point, Parking Assistant Professional can then take over the complete driving task including accelerating, braking, steering and changing between forward and reverse gear. You’ll then just be tasked with watching the surroundings of the car during the automated process. BMW setup a demo for us mimicking a parking garage structure with tight corners, and the parking assistant worked flawlessly.

A Wide Range Of Driver Assistant Systems

Of course, the new BMW X7 Facelift comes with additional driver assistance features. For example, the Highway Assistant. The BMW X7 is a luxury SUV, so it needs to be a great long-distance car and not a track monster. Therefore, BMW included its latest and greatest driver assistance systems in the facelifted X7 models. The Level 2 technology allows for hands-free driving for longer periods of time. According to BMW, the system in our X7 is limited to 40 mph. It remains to be seen whether the 80+ mph assistance system will end up in future X7 models.

The Assist Plus system kicks in when the cameras behind the steering wheel detect your eyes looking forward. You can then let go of the steering wheel and the X7 will accelerate, brake and steer for you. But this is still a Level 2 system so the driver should always be alert and ready to take over.

Another important system added to the BMW X7 is the Trailer Mode. BMW is aware that X7 owners are often using the trailer mode, so the system gets an update. You can now steer the trailer with the iDrive controller and guide the boat or trailer to the perfect spot. Next, the X7 will accelerate or brake to complete the parking maneuver. Let’s take a look at these demo videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel!