The quickest way to give a car a fresh look is by applying a full wrap to hide any imperfections the original paint may have. It’s also an efficient method to obtain a different exterior finish if you’re tired of the OEM appearance and want to try out something new without having to repaint the body. The folks over at WASK FHOGA Auto Works recently worked on two BMWs and decided to have their makeovers captured on camera.

The models in question are an M4 and X6 from their previous generations, so the F82 and F16, respectively. In both instances, the cars were thoroughly cleaned and had their exterior trim pieces removed before applying the wrap. The wheels were given a good rubbing, which in the case of the high-performance coupe were a set of custom BBS with red AP Racing brake calipers.

In the case of the (relatively) short-lived second-generation X6, it appears to be a US-spec model judging by the side orange reflectors. The luxury SUV in question is an xDrive35i model with black original M-branded wheels contrasted by red calipers.

Of the two cars, the M4 certainly received the bolder livery as the colorful wrap stands out more next to the satin burgundy finish of the X6. The colorful coupe retained its trunk lid spoiler as well as the M Performance carbon fiber aerodynamic package lending it a more aggressive stance.

The timelapse video is a good opportunity to get an idea of how much work goes into doing a full body wrap as a car needs to be meticulously prepared beforehand. It completely transforms the look of the vehicle while opening new personalization possibilities beyond what a simple paint job can offer. The M4 featured here almost sends out a BMW Art Car vibe and we wouldn’t be too surprised if that was the whole idea in the first place.

Source: Sign Hands / YouTube