You’ve probably seen your fair share of videos featuring neglected cars getting deep cleaned, but this one featuring a BMW Z3 has one of the most impressive transformations. The little roadster had been sitting under a tree for years before its new owner rescued it from almost certain death. He decided to ship the car to Definitive Motorwerk in Broadview Heights, Ohio to restore its long-lost luster.

Let’s not beat around the bush and say the Z3 looked disgusting when it arrived at the shop. Before beginning to revive the poor roadster, the pro detailers decided to use an ozone machine to kill the bacteria that was inside the dirty cabin. The sheer amount of dead leaves is an accurate indicator of how the pint-sized BMW convertible has been stuck in the same place for an extended amount of time.

Rather surprisingly, the engine bay featuring the 2.3-liter inline-six mill didn’t look too bad but was still in need of some TLC. Prior to pressure washing the nasty body, a degreaser was used to break up years of grime and dirt. Then comes without a shadow of a doubt the most satisfying part of the video as the Z3 looks like it receives a new lease on life.

Its body seems to be in a more than decent shape considering this Z3 was built more than 20 years ago. The pro detailers made it shine again after a long time by meticulously polishing every little inch of the body. The folding fabric top has also withstood the test of time while the wheels don’t have any major defects noticeable on camera.

The next order of business was to restore the interior by removing the seats to properly clean the floor. Special attention was given to the burgundy/red leather on the door cards and seats while all the plastic bits don’t show their age anymore. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to get behind the wheel of this Z3 as the team did a great job resurrecting the poor tiny roadster.

Source: WD Detailing / YouTube