The BMW XM is going to feature one of the most polarizing designs in the history of the brand. Its funky new design is meant to be like nothing the brand has ever done before. For a design like that, it’s also going to get a color palette unlike anything else. Which is why the BMW XM will be offered with some exciting new colors.

Many of the colors for the XM already exist on other BMW models but there will be some new ones as well – per our sources and usual insider ynguldyn. For instance, Dravit Grey, Oxide Grey II, Carbon Black, and Marina Bay Blue are existing BMW colors. However, there’s going to be at least one all new color, Cape York Green. There will also be different “Labels” models which will likely come with unique colors and specs.

As far as we know, the BMW XM model hierarchy is going to be a bit confusing, so bear with me. The rumormill churns out a BMW XM 50e, which will be the entry-level, six-cylinder hybrid model. Then there will be just the normal BMW XM, which will have a hybrid V8 setup with 650 horsepower. At the top end will be a BMW XM Label, which will get the full-beans 750 horsepower V8 hybrid powertrain. The XM Label are likely to have different special editions, with exclusive colors and spec but the same powertrain.

If you’re confused, it’s OK, so is everyone else. BMW hasn’t fully revealed its nomenclature structure for the XM just yet, so it’s all a bit murky at the moment. Hopefully, it all clears up when the XM is finally revealed. And as always, things can change until the cars go on sale.

What we do know is that the BMW XM will be the car that gets the most stylish colors and packages, due to it being the brand’s new flagship vehicle. So expect some interesting special editions, some very cool colors, and tons of power.

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