Something that drives me absolutely bonkers about many BMW M customers is the complete lack of imagination when it comes to choosing colors. Almost every M car I see on the road is monochromatic—black, white, or gray. When you consider the sheer breadth of BMW M’s Individual color palette, choosing a monochromatic color should be a crime. In fact, its color palette is so vast that it even includes some special colors from other brands. But is that cool, to buy a BMW M car with another brand’s color?

Hop onto BMW’s Individual visualizer and you’ll see dozens and dozens of excellent color choices, several of which are not only pulled from other brands but they’re even named the same. Here are just the few I could find from other brands: Audi’s Nardo Grey, Audi’s Goodwood Green Pearl, Porsche’s Chalk, Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa, and Lamborghini’s Grigio Telesto. I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of other brand’s color names, so there may be more, but that’s not the point. The point is you can get some famous colors from rival brands on your BMW.

BMW M8 Competition Coupe in Chalk

Personally, I dig that. BMW M has had many outstanding colors over the years but it’s far from the only brand to do so. Those aforementioned colors, from Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, are all awesome and do look good on many BMWs. Plus, there’s an incongruity about having a BMW M car painted in a Porsche color, or something similar. For instance, I spec’d a BMW M8 Competition Coupe in Porsche’s Chalk and I think it looks really good, while also being a tongue-in-cheek jag at one of BMW’s main rivals.

So what do you think, fine readers? Is picking another brand’s color cool for an M car or is it like asking your partner to where someone else’s lingerie?

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