The release of the BMW M3 Touring is imminent. Set to debut next month, mere weeks after the reveal of the BMW M4 CSL, the M3 Touring is going to be one of the most exciting BMWs in a very long time. But if you want to see a little taste of it, ahead of its release, the new spy photos are likely the last time we’ll see it before BMW eventually pulls the wrapping off in June. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

In these new spy photos, you can see the M3 Touring driving on public roads, no Nürburgring hot laps this time, wearing heavy camo. BMW cheekily put a QR code in its camo, knowing spy photos of the test mule would leak online. If you scan the code with your smartphone, it takes you to BMW M’s website page for the M3 Touring. It’s nothing special, if I’m honest, but BMW acknowledging that spy photos will leak is funny.

2023 BMW M3 Touring rendering / SRK Designs

The car itself is nothing we didn’t already expect. It looks like a 3 Series Touring mixed with an M3, as we expected. Though, despite the lack of surprise, it’s nice to check it out because it looks good. Aside from that grille, the M3 Touring is going to be once handsome machine, one that any BMW enthusiast would love to have in their driveway.

In these new photos, you also get to see the interior of the M3 Touring, which gets the same new iDrive 8 update as the newly-released 3 Series LCI. So the M3 Touring will have a new iDrive screen before the actual M3 sedan does, which is interesting.

As evidenced by the shift lever in these photos, the BMW M3 Touring will come only in Competition xDrive-spec. Meaning it will get a 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6, making 503 horsepower (510 PS), and an eight-speed automatic, with all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, it’s only bound for the European market, which means North American buyers are out of luck.

We’ll finally get to see the long-awaited, first-ever BMW M3 Touring next month.

[Source: Car Scoops]