The BMW 3 Series Touring died in the United States after the F31 was retired, but American fans of the Bavarian estate are missing it dearly. One such long-roof enthusiast is Jake who happens to own an older E91. You can tell by the cutouts in the hood this isn’t an ordinary wagon, but rather one that has been massively modified.

It started out in life as a 328xi, but the naturally aspirated N53 straight-six engine is long gone. The sporty wagon has received an LS swap courtesy of an LQ4 engine, complete with turbocharging. Following the engine swap, displacement doubled to 6.0 liters. In case you’re not familiar with this powertrain, it’s actually a truck engine found in a variety of GM models. It was used in everything from the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD to the Hummer H2.

This E91 Is A Super Wagon With An American Punch

Fitting all that American muscle within the engine bay took a lot of work as the turbo manifolds had to be custom made and they peek through the hood. The E91 still has xDrive, but with a ridiculous amount of power. The owner – who bought the car after it had been completed – says it makes 850 hp at the wheels provided the engine runs on E85 and the turbo is at 22 PSI. At 12 pounds, it still pushes out approximately 630 hp.

This E91 project is more than just slapping a small-block engine underneath the hood since it packs other upgrades. Chief of which is the Tremec six-speed manual gearbox from a Camaro with a custom clutch and an electronic LSD. Some of the front accessories come from a Cadillac CTS-V while the oil pan is taken from a 2000 Camaro.

The E91 is a mishmash of German and American parts to create a beastly wagon that sounds borderline demonic. It makes a whopping 850 lb-ft (1,152 Nm) of wheel torque, so burning rubber is as easy as pie. That being said, we do have to admit the car seems a tad intimidating to drive.

Source: The Bimmer Barn / YouTube