BMW M is going hard for its 50th birthday. To celebrate its half-century milestone, the Bavarian Motorsport brand is releasing three new high-performance cars, the likes of which will get enthusiasts’ blood pumping; the all-new G87 BMW M2, the first-ever BMW M3 Touring, and the BMW M4 CSL, which will bring back the iconic “CSL” nameplate . But which one are you most excited for? It’s honestly hard to choose, as each car has its own reasons for being the most exciting M car of the year. Let’s take a look at all three cars to see which one you’re most looking forward to.


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The upcoming G87-generation BMW M2 isn’t the first of its kind but it’s almost certainly the last. After the G87 M2, any subsequent generation M2 will most likely be electric and all-wheel drive. This G87 M2 will be the last straight-six-powered, rear-wheel drive M2 ever and it will even be offered with a manual transmission. Sweetening the deal is the fact that it’s based off this current-generation of 2 Series, which has already proven itself to be excellent. If the next-gen M2 can take the already impressive package that is the M240i, lighten it, sharpen it, and add more power, it will be an instant future classic.

BMW M3 Touring

BMW enthusiasts have been begging the Bavarians for an M3 Touring since Sinbad was still relevant. Yet the upcoming M3 Touring will be the first one to ever reach production. That alone should make most enthusiasts weak in the knees. However, it should be an incredible car on top of that. The M3 Touring is just a long-roof version of the M3 Competition xDrive, which I personally think is among the best-driving M3s of all time. Take that already outstanding package and make it both more practical and better looking, that’s the M3 Touring. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?


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BMW hasn’t used the “CSL” name in almost two decades. The last car it broke out the iconic nameplate for was the E46 M3 CSL, back in the early ’00.s Since then, it’s used the “CS” nameplate a few times and each and every car given the CS name has been excellent. Typically, CSL models are even more exciting, which means the upcoming M4 CSL should be even better than the previous M2 CS and M5 CS. It’s also based on the already excellent M4 Competition but will pack around 550 horsepower and power only its rear wheels. It should be an absolute monster.

With all of that said, it’s tough to pick one to be most excited about. All three should be incredible cars in their own ways. But, if you had to pick just one, which would it be?