Whether they’re BMWs, Dacias, Or Ferraris, cars are meant to be driven. It’s sad to see them collecting dust and bird poop as is the case with some of these vehicles. Let’s take a trip to Tarragona in Spain and visit a warehouse adjacent to a defunct BMW body shop that catered to three local dealerships.

The business owner had been collecting cars for years and decided to put them all under the same roof when he closed the shop about 10 years ago. However, some of the vehicles have been neglected for over 30 years, which explains their rough shape. It’s not just BMWs, but also Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Jeeps, Citroën, and even NSUs.

The building where the former BMW body shop is located is now up for grabs and the seller has decided to get rid of most cars. A 70-minute video tour provided by M539 Restorations is a veritable time capsule, showcasing BMWs from yesteryear. Highlights include an M5 E28, a green 8 Series 850i (E31), and a rather disgusting bird poop-infested 525td E34.

A Blast From BMW’s Past

Another notable mention from the abandoned BMW body shop is a 750i E32. It has a mighty M70 V12 that pushed out 300 horsepower back in the day. Much like the M5, it too has certainly seen better days judging by the layers of dust and countless bird droppings. A lesser 730i E32 in Reseda Green Metallic also makes an appearance on camera and seems in much better condition.

Aside from complete cars, the left-for-dead BMW body shop also has quite a few engines. Towards the end of the video, you can ogle at an all-original and impressively clean M5 E39. The super sedan has been driven for 200,000 kilometers (124,000 miles), not that you can tell since it looks great. It’s been regularly serviced and the engine has been fired up at least once a month to make sure it ran smoothly.

Source: M539 Restorations / YouTube