Is daily driving a BMW M3 Competition xDrive a good idea? Normally, the answer is a clear “yes”. That’s because daily drivability is sort of the whole point of an M3. However, when the BMW M3 was first introduced, with the E30 generation, that wasn’t the case. The first-ever M3 was actually a homologated race car, so BMW could use it in touring racing. Time flies though, and things change, and a lot of car makers aren’t exactly what they used to be anymore.

Now, instead of being a touring car homologated for the road, the BMW M3 is comfortable, packed with tech, and even all-wheel drive. So it must be a great daily driver, right? The guys from The Straight Pipes tried to find out, and they had the latest M3 Competition with xDrive at their disposal to find out.

So, what makes this a good daily driver? Well, you can have all the comfort you need and not necessarily when you’re in the car either. For example, you can remotely start it using the MyBMW App or using the key fob, where three taps on the BMW logo will turn the car on remotely. Why is that relevant? Well, in the cold Canadian weather where the M3 was tested, it makes a huge difference in terms of comfort for the driver.

Other useful tech bits include the possibility of seeing what’s happening around your car at all times through the app, and even offering someone remote access to it, via a smartphone. All of these might seem like gimmicks, but they are useful in real life. As good as this tech seems, at the end of the day what you’ll be most concerned about will be the way it drives. And, if you want to learn more about how the M3 fares in daily driving, you’ll have to watch the video below.